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Aug 7, 2018
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About Bubble Bobble

Bubble Bobble is a timeless arcade game that was first released in 1986. Developed by Taito, it quickly gained popularity and became a classic among arcade enthusiasts. The game features two adorable dinosaurs, Bub and Bob, who embark on a quest to rescue their girlfriends from the clutches of an evil villain.

Experience the Nostalgia at Barcade®

Barcade® - The Original Arcade Bar is a unique establishment that combines the thrill of arcade gaming with a cozy bar atmosphere. Located in the vibrant neighborhood of St. Marks Place in New York, Barcade® is the perfect destination for gamers and retro enthusiasts.

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Why Bubble Bobble?

Bubble Bobble offers a unique gameplay experience that combines action, strategy, and puzzle-solving elements. Players control Bub and Bob as they navigate through a series of platform levels, trapping enemies in bubbles and bursting them to score points.

Bubble Bobble at Barcade®

At Barcade®, we understand the importance of preserving gaming history. That's why we proudly feature Bubble Bobble among our extensive collection of classic arcade games. Step into our retro-themed arcade and transport yourself back to the golden era of gaming.

Play Bubble Bobble Today

If you're craving a dose of nostalgia or want to introduce a new generation to the joys of classic gaming, head over to Barcade® on St. Marks Place. Experience the thrill of Bubble Bobble firsthand and immerse yourself in the addictive gameplay that has captivated gamers for decades.

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Jacinda Santee
I had so much fun playing Bubble Bobble at Barcade®! Such a classic game with cute dinosaurs and a thrilling storyline. Nostalgia overload!
Nov 10, 2023